10.31.08 (7:45 am)   [edit]
   There were a Pastor and a Nun traveling together to a poor village. There was no inn in the rural area and the day was almost ended, so they accepted an offer to spend the night at a local family's home.

    The family was so poor that they only have one guest room and one bed inside. So the tired pastor decided to sleep at one side while the nun slept at the other, didn't face each other and tried to stay away as far as they could.

    But in the middle of the night, the nun had a bad dream and she accidentally kicked the pastor's manhood, so the pastor cried: "NO, STOP! that's the DEVIL". Then everything became quiet again, and they went back to sleep.

    This time, the pastor was having a nightmare, too. He accidentally did the same thing, kicked the nun's feminine area. So the woman cried, "NO, GO AWAY, that's the HELL !!!". Once again, they continued to have a rest.

    Not too long after that, a whisper in the nun's ear said: "DO YOU still BELIEVE that the DEVIL should be put in the HELL?"


10.30.08 (6:45 am)   [edit]
   There were two noblemen walking together in a forest; they were having a hunt in the middle of a hot sunny day. After hours of hunting, the two men felt hot and exhausted. Deeper in the middle of the woods, they found a fresh water pond, it looked so clean and refreshing so they decided to take off all their clothes and had a bath there, immersed themselves and enjoyed the cool water.

    Unfortunately, after they got out from the water and felt ready to go home, the men realized that their clothes had been missing; all of them excluding their hat. Wandering who's the thief in the middle of nowhere, they covered their pubic regions with the hats and walked around, seeking for a clue. But there was nobody around, and the men decided to go home.

    They met a young woman on the road to the nearest village; she looked at them with wander and laughed out loud, for the men was covering their 'things' with hats.
    One of the man felt very ashamed, then angrily spoke, "It's impolite for an honored lady to laugh out loud like that!"
    The lady replied, "It's also impolite for the gentlemen not to lift their hats when greeting an honored lady,"


10.29.08 (7:00 am)   [edit]
   There were two men got shipwrecked on an uninhabited distant tropical island without anything to eat, drink or wear. They were trying to make a living by eating fish, drinking coconut water and sleeping under the stars. Because there was no women around, they slept (in nude!) at separated places; one chose to sleep on the beach, the other chose to spend the night in the middle of the forest.

   They didn't know there was a native woman lived alone in the heart of the island. She liked to collect wild mushrooms that grown in the middle of the night. The mushrooms only grew in the forest. She didn't know a thing about the two men nor ever meet them, so did the newcomers.
   That night, she grabbed her basket and went to her usual spot. While collecting the mushrooms she always sang this same song, "One mushroom, tra-la-la. Two mushrooms, tra-la-la... Three mushrooms, tra-la........"
   When she tried to pick up the third mushroom, she felt that one was very hard to be pulled off from the ground.
So she left with wander, "Why that one naughty mushroom was very hard to be picked? I'll try again tomorrow!"

   In the morning, the man who slept in the forest told his friend who slept on the beach, "I'm so scared, there was something, or someone, trying hardly to pull my 'thing'... I won't sleep there again!"
    "Really? But there's no one on this isolated island! Man, I can't believe that! Let me sleep at that place tonight, and you may sleep on the beach!" his friend couldn't believe the story and wanted to know the truth himself.

   That night, the mushroom lady went again to her usual spot and once again sang the same song while picking up the mushrooms... "One mushroom, tra-la-la. Two mushrooms, tra-la-la... Three mushrooms, tra-la........"
   Once again, she got the 'naughty mushroom' that was very hard to be picked up. But this time she wouldn't give up that easily, and pulled it as hard as she could!
   "Three mushrooms, tra-la........ LA-LA-LA-LA-LAAAA !!!!!!!!"


10.28.08 (7:11 am)   [edit]

Is there a love without desire

    A love that’s willing to let go all the terms and conditions

    A love that ‘s purely come from the deepest heart

    A love that’s so innocent, so naive but also so sacred


Is there a love without lust

    A love without nothing to take away from the beloved

    A love that’s ready to sacrifice for others

    A love without any debt to return


Is there a love without any reason or treason

   Unconditional, unlimited, without any doubt

   Believes in me and willing to listen to me


Is there a love that’s ready to give everything

    It’s not money, gold or any precious matters

    Just give me time, for it’s the most precious gift

    That I've been expected from you


10.26.08 (5:48 am)   [edit]

I saw this picture at the Christian service I've attended at my bro's graduation ceremony yesterday, it was shocking but it's true...

Please read the full story here:



10.26.08 (2:16 am)   [edit]

Forum of The Week #5: Death

Everyone wants to live forever and nobody wants to die young. But no human know what's the Lord's plan for his/her life, and sometimes an unwanted thing happens...

We've experienced this: let go all our loved ones, and finally ourselves, to leave this body and enter the realm of the other sides. Even heaven or hell, according to some religions / beliefs. But the process that makes us afraid... Why death seems painful to some, but peaceful to others? I wander what's your opinions about this.

Death also makes us sad or grieving, and we wander why this happened to someone or something we loved and cherished. Sometimes they seemed did not deserve death that fast. I really miss my late dad, my late grandma and my cute pets.

Nothing scary, no premonitions... just wandering...


10.25.08 (7:53 am)   [edit]
What did You feel, O Lord,
When they once put You on the cross
While You’re innocent and had no mistake?
How did You endure Your misery, pain and sadness
When there was no one,  only unbearable emptiness?

Now I feel like dying, like being put on the cross
When no one around me could understand the pain deep inside
I’m not bleeding nor hurt, but they don’t see the real scars in my heart
They mock me all over, spit me on the face
They whip me with laughter, leave me alone in the darkest dungeon
They hit me with words, force me to admit the mistakes I didn’t do

Give me Your divine strength, O Lord
As I’m just a weak, humble human being with lots of sin
Share to me Your endless love and patience
For I need plenty of that to control the wild beast of anger inside

If I must die today, take my soul away with You
I feel so tired, so rest me in your Eden for eternity, beside You forever
Each day I’m dying more and more, can’t feel and see things,
     my visions blurred and my senses got numb
But I’m happy now,
   for I won’t pass away in vain, because I believe
   every falling seeds on the ground will grow forming the trees
I’ll be happy to be like one seed spread on the ground, fell on the loving hands of Mother Earth
Even after I died, no one will cry for me

But if You save my pitiful soul
There’s nothing I can give You
As I’m the poorest person on Earth
Only endless prayers and thanks that I have
As You’ve blessed me, and You’ll always will


10.24.08 (6:32 am)   [edit]
Escape from the Erotica Palace
Shichigatsu's Weekly Short Story

Part 4 of 4     
     That decisive day came, and the three of the final candidates (including me) were being prepared to face the king at the final 'contest'.
     I remembered Alexander's words one by one as he had planned to prepare an escape for me, "At your turn, you have to yell as loud as you can, and I'll send some of my own loyal men to start a riot in the palace. At that time, you have to run and hide in the main kitchen's cupboard, as one of my maid will be sent to guide you out of this palace through the hidden sewers at the underground floor. But you have to meet me at town later at a certain place where she'll guide you, as you won't be safe anywhere else after the escape."
     "I'll do anything as you wish..."
     "But just in case when our plans suddenly changed or interrupted, let me do something more to save your life; I'll do anything for you even if it will cost me my own life,"
     "Please, don't.... I'm nothing to you, I'm not your friend nor your family, why do you act so kind to me?"
     "Because I love you..." he answered with a deep tone.
     At that time, I still don't know what was my own feeling to him. But I let him came closer then kissed and caressed me; it was hard to refuse a man as charming and gentle as Alexander. Yes, I'd do anything for him and for my own safety, he made me realized that my life's still worthy. I didn't put much hope on his feeling, for it might be just another temporary physical attraction.

     Janet and Marianne stood in the center of the hall, they wore nothing but two pieces of silky garment covering their breasts and hips. So did I, but I didn't want to be close to them, as they were still looking me with 'nasty' look. I knew that I had no one beside me to support me, except Alexander. But he wasn't here. I knew that he was out there, preparing my escape.
     The king was sat on his throne, looking at us like a rich customer eagerly seeing the things he wants at the market. I felt like a slave. But all the eyes were gazing at me as whispers were heard across the hall. The audiences were king's family, no females at all.... We're just the three ladies among hundreds of men. They seemed to enjoy this and had a feast of their own eyes as long as they could, trying to see through the thin clothes.
     "Let us begin..." Iglesos stood up and commanded us, "Girls, you're so lucky to be here, at the king's own contest, you should do anything we want if you crave for your freedom... as my new queen."
     "Show us your body...."
     "Your Honor, just let us vote which girl deserves your love!"
     "Yeah... drop that clothes..." some voices began to 'request' for the main course.
     "Not so fast, boys..." Iglesos stopped the crowd's talks with a wave. "First, I'll tell you why I chose these girls among the others..."
     He came to Janet, and said, "This girl is blond, and her skin's as soft as silk as she's coming from a well-known family, and yes, I knew her father quite well... But she will be mine or yours soon... Too bad, she's a bit too proud, that's why I want to give her a punishment, then let her beg for more. Look at this jewelry, a living sculpture indeed! She's so precious, more than a hundred fine horses!" he caressed her, felt so 'happy' when Janet shed a tear as he went a bit too rough on her by pinching his fingers on the top of her 'hills'.
     "And this one...." he turned to Marianne and began to do the same, "She's so perfect; with a pair of nice legs and fair skin. She's a perfect queen-to-be, or maybe more than that. Anyone interested to have her, please tell me... And of course, it won't be free,"
     "The last one is a special lady that I found on the streets; a wild rose, a precious hidden pearl in muddy water that I've been picked up and polished to glow like diamond," he came toward me and touched my chin, "She's my favorite candidate; I'll treat her like the former queen, even crowned her and let her sit beside me at the throne, if she agree to be a part of me and devote her body and life to me,"
     He tried to pinch me too, but instantly I moved away; that wasn't my own will, just a natural reaction. I was afraid that Iglesos would go mad because of that, but he wasn't.
     "Hahaha, look at this shy, untamed mare... She's indeed healthy, wild and strong. But I'll going to tame her and make her my own personal ride!"
     "Please.... Your Honor, show us the ladies... Let us vote for the best lady to be your 'queen'!"
     The audience seemed so impatient, the hall was full of noises and indistinct voices. The king looked as impatient and anxious as the others, so he walked to the front and said... "Ladies, now come closer to the audience and show them your beauty... Come on, don't be shy!"
     Janet and Marianne followed the king's order without doubt. The two uptown girls moved forward and left their only coverings on the floor. Just like prostitutes, they were ready to sacrifice everything to gain their own hope; to be chosen as the king's new concubine. They let the audiences did anything to them. The men looked, touched, even caressed them as much as they wished.
     But I wandered why I couldn't do the same; stayed at my place and didn't do anything. I knew that I couldn't let myself do whatever Iglesos wanted.
     "Wow, these two are HOT... Hey, why that other pretty girl doesn't do anything? Command her to do something!" a voice in the crowd shouted, made Iglesos aware of what happened.
     "Hey Girl! Come on, take off your cloth, or should I strip you by myself?" he started to get angry.
     "No.... NO, I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE! I won't be your sexual slave!" I started to yell as loud as I could. My only hope was Alexander... I've did what he had said earlier. Now, my fate's being decided; dead or alive?
     There was a long silence in the air; Iglesos looked at me deeply before spoke again with his cold voice, "That's too bad, you dare to disobey the king... You have to die... GUARD! ARREST HER and EXECUTE HER at once!"
     But there was no soldier in the room, as it's a private party for the king's invited guests. Nothing happened, for a second or two.
     Suddenly, one of the large windows broke into pieces with sharp voice. The crowd got alarmed and trying to save themselves, as there were dozens of soldier were coming inside the hall from the broken window.
     "WHAT... What's going on? Who are these soldiers? Please.... What happened here? Who are you, soldiers?" Iglesos got shocked. He couldn't do anything, mixed with the panic crowd as they were trying to get out from the hall to save themselves. But unluckily, the uninvited soldiers blocked their way and made more and more disturbances.
     In the middle of the riot, hardly I tried to crawl under the fighting men's feet and reached the kitchen. I felt so relieved that nobody noticed me, including Iglesos who tried to reach his soldiers in order to take down the intruders.

     Everything went smoothly according to the plan; I hid myself in the cupboard for hours, then a maid came and took me out. Together we went through the secret sewers behind the palace and left Iglesos' wicked palace, didn't want to know the rest of the game...
     "What about Alexander? Is he saved?" I asked the maid after we arrived at the secret place Alexander already prepared for me earlier.
     "So sorry, Lady... General Alexander was being captured. The king already knew that he would rebel against him someday. I've heard that the general will be executed soon. Now Alexander's in the palace prison waiting for his death..."
    "Oh no, he's the one who had rescued me...." I felt so sad, and something strange grew inside my heart. "Please, take me back to the palace! I have to rescue Alexander!"
     "But he won't be glad if you risk your own life for him, because he just rescued yours. Alexander is a great man, he was ready to face his fate and take responsibility for his own actions,"
     "No, I won't let it happened, for I love him so much," I held her hands and begged, "Please, guide me once again to the prison, if you're too afraid you may leave me as soon as I reached the place,"

     "Please, release the General..."
     "Hahaha... only if Iglesos orders me to do that. Who are you, Girl, dare to come to this horrible place and commanded me, the main warden of Iglesos' dungeon?"
     "I was his favorite contestant in his concubine-searching game..."
     "Really? Wow.... I believe that, Girl, because you're so pretty and tempting. You may have nothing, but I know that you have THAT..."
     "I'd do anything for you if you release Alexander for me. Please..."

     Not too long after that, Alexander and me left the dungeon through the secret sewers once again. He had been badly whipped, lots of bloody scars were on his back... I knew that he didn't do anything wrong... He did this for me...
     "You shouldn't come here for me, Sophie, I'd die for you. I won't ever forgive myself if they catch you once again,"
     "No... I can't enjoy my freedom while you dying alone because of me. Let us go as far as we can. I'll treat your wounds as soon as possible,"
     "Thanks, you're a very nice girl. Why did you care for me? And how did you release me?"
     "You know that already... That's because of love. And please forgive me... I had to let go my precious blooming rose to redeem your freedom and life..."
    "WHAT? Did you... sleep with the warden? Oh no, you shouldn't... WHY? Why you did that?" suddenly Alexander looked sad...
    "Are you angry? Please forgive me. Punish me, Alexander, for being a bad girl... I'm ready... Let me be your slave, or just kill me now!"
     "No... Girl, I just couldn't do that...." Alexander shook his head and hugged me, "I don't have right to be angry to you... On the contrary, I have to thank you for that. But from now and forever, I should be the only man for you... do you want to marry me?"
     "Oh...... really? I do, I do!!! This time, I'll never leave your side..."

     Alexander and me left Euroteca for good, got married, and built our own new world somewhere in the east. He wasn't regret about losing his wealth and position as the general. And we lived happily together; no more wicked things, as we promised to protect each other till the end of our lives.



10.21.08 (3:52 pm)   [edit]
Escape from the Erotica Palace
Shichigatsu's Weekly Short Story
Part 3 of 4

     The time had come to be in the hall with other girls. They were beautiful and healthy, more good-looking than me... I felt so shy, not because the almost-transparent white cloth I wore that made all the male eyes gazed on me, but more because most of the women here were from upper-class society.
     I saw Marianne, a daughter of a rich landlord who supplied the groceries at the market; so, she was being picked, too. She looked so anxious and afraid. The last time I saw her, she was riding with her family in a nice horse carriage; neatly dressed like a princess in expensive gown and gold jewelries. But now just the same as me; almost bare... She seemed shy.
     Then I also saw Janet, a pretty blonde girl who lived in a mansion at the wealthy part of the town. She was a boring proud girl, often saw me from afar with hateful look, and never gave me anything. I didn't like Janet at all, but now I also had a pity on her. I wandered if her family would redeem her with their abundant wealth... But there seemed no way out, for Iglesos didn't want any money or ransom. Janet had been trapped; we were the same now, no more rich or poor... no more difference.
     "Are they all here, General Alexander?" it's the king. All of the audience instantly bowed down in fear and respect.
     "Yes... the girls are ready," a voice replied. I tried to look at him, the man he called Alexander. Yes, he was the one who 'saved' me and saw me earlier in the bath.
     "All of you... Lie down on the floor!" the guard commanded all the girls. Instantly I obeyed the order. There were dozens of girls did the same, except a few who refused and tried to run away; they were pushing the guards with the remains of their strengths. But the guards easily caught them and closed the main door.
     "What are you gonna do to us? Please... let us go!"
     "We don't want to be here, release us... Oh please, King, I had a fiance, I just can't be here to serve you!"
     "Return me to my family... I'm their only daughter!"
     "There's no way to escape, Girls! Now you're belong to the king and you must obey... or die!" the guards shouted and pushed all the rebelled girls on the floor. They were cruel men, how I like to go there and slap them... But I couldn't do anything. We were weak and helpless, while the soldiers gathered on us like hungry wolves around sheeps.

    I was there waiting for a soldier to 'inspect' me, surely there wasn't anyone interested to a poor girl. But I was wrong again.
     "Finally we met again here," that voice... it's the general! Alexander!
     "Did you bring me here? Why..." I almost cried.
     "I'm so sorry, I didn't know what to do, because the king asked me to find you. He had an eye for you everytime he held a royal parade accross town. I think he fell in love with you and personally wanted you to be in the game."
     "So... what's he gonna do to me?"
     "You'll gonna be added to his palace as his collection of girls," he whispered, "What's your name?"
     "Good, Sophie. But... actually you don't want to be here, do you?"
     "I don't know..."
     "Let me think of something for you, I'll tell you later. Now, just go with the flow."
     "Do you want to release me? But I have nowhere to go..."
     Alexander looked at me with his eyes, "No, you have me..."
     Then he did to me like every man did to a girl in the room... He opened the cloth and examined me once again, to make sure I'm a virgin. He did that as it was usual for him, saw me without lust. But I knew he had a certain feeling, his hands were sweaty, yet so gentle...
     "Congratulations! You're into the next round!" he covered me again, then whispered, "Don't let the lustful king pick the blooming rose of yours, let someone who really loves you do that..."

     The girls' number were greatly reduced; the chosen ones went to the next chamber while the rests stayed in the hall. I didn't know what the soldier did to them, but after I left the door, I could hear screams of pain, murmurs, and women's cry mixed with men's lustful voices and breaths, plus lots of slaps, beatings and laughters. I knew they were enjoying the king's rejected 'meal'... I thanked Alexander to let me through...
     We were asked to do a dance. Not a traditional dance... but a hot, 'naughty' dance. It was called 'striptease'. The king was the only spectator. He watched us dancing with a lustful smile, one by one, then at the end of the dances he came toward us and separated us into two groups. I was in the right group along with two other girls, Janet and Marriane. The others were being gathered in the left.
     "You, three of you are going to the final game tomorrow. The rest will be joined with the rest as the snack for my hungry soldiers!"
    "Oh... no, no, please... release us!" the girls on the left began to cry and bowed down in front of Iglesos.
     "Do you dare to disobey the king's command?" Iglesos looked angry. "You... !!!" he pointed the girl who spoke the last sentence, "You're going to be hanged! Soldiers, arrest her!"
    "OH... NO.. NOOO!! Please, forgive me! I don't want to die! Please, release me... Pardon me, Your Majesty!" she cried, as the soldiers came in and drag her away, her clothes was left on the floor. There, behind the closed door, I could heard her murmur and weeping, her scream... I knew that the soldiers were playing with her.

     Janet and Marianne didn't speak a word to me. That last night, they were going to their beds and had a sleep. I knew that they felt sure that one of them would be the winner. I didn't know why, but I couldn't sleep.
     "Are you sure that you'll stay here with the king?" a man's voice from behind the pillar made me surprised. Alexander, the General.
     "I... I don't know. I have no family, I'm just an orphan,"
     "Believe me, to stay here and serve his lust won't be a better living for you. Did you know what had happened to the queen and the concubines?" Alexander kept hid behind the pillar, didn't want to come out.
     "After Iglesos got bored of them, he dumped them and served them to his soldiers as sexual foods, after that, he executed the women; hanged them alive without any coverings and let the prey birds ate their flesh..."
     "Oh no..."
     "Please, come with me... let me take you away from here, that's because I'm the one who had to pay my mistake to take you here. I felt so guilty," Alexander came out and got closer to me, he was a charming man...
     He held my hands and said, "I like you, Lady, and I'll take you as far as I can from Iglesos if only you want to do my plan,"


10.20.08 (6:39 am)   [edit]
Escape from the Erotica Palace
Shichigatsu's Weekly Short Story

Part 2 of 4

     "Should I feel that way?" - I said that in my heart. I didn't know what to do, so I tried to obey what they wanted me to do. I was taken to a very big pool, a hot spring where lots of girls and women immersed themselves or just had a sunbath, lying with few or no coverings at all... They didn't care...

     "Please enjoy yourself, the king shall join soon.." the male guards left me, then slowly withdrew with giggles. I knew that they were talking naught about the girls, as they couldn't touch or even talk to the girls... They were the king's next candidates to be his harem... and so did I...

     "Your Majesty is coming... !!!"
     "Bow down... all of you!" the guards commanded.
     "No.. please, don't... enjoy yourself, Ladies... as I enjoy watching all of you..." a very well-known voice spoke. Iglesos!
     I looked at him with the corner of my left eye... He wasn't too old. In his 35s, Iglesos was a quite handsome and attractive man, despite all of his wickedness. I didn't know why something inside me told me not to obey my eyes.
     "So, you're the new girl..." he stopped by my place beside the pool while I still had a bath. He looked at me with wander, his blue eyes gleamed. Above those, he had a pair of bold eyebrows... Why did I shiver?
     "Take the girl to my room! I'd like to have a talk with her!"

     The girl attendant covered my body with a thin, silky piece of long garment and took me to Iglesos' room. I wandered what he gonna do with me. The palace was very wide and luxurious, elegantly decorated with gold and jewelries. The King sure had a good taste...

     "Finally, you're here... What a beauty..."
     "Hey Girl, bowed down to His Majesty!" fiercely, the guard pushed me down to the floor.
     "Leave her alone, you must not treat a lady like that!" Iglesos looked angry toward his own man.
     "Oh, I beg your pardon, Your Honor!" the guard quickly bowed down in fear and left me with the number one man in Eurotica Kingdom...
     "Please stand up, you don't have to fear me. But you must obey all that I want you to do, do you understand?" I stood up, then Iglesos came to me and touched my skin,
     "The General is right, you're indeed a precious pearl hidden in the muddy water that he had found for me..."
     I'd like to say to him, no, please don't hurt me... but I felt numb as he began to touch me...

     That night I couldn't sleep... I was being put in a long corridor with simple beddings where a dozen of other girls slept. They didn't give us any thick clothes, just a piece of garment that barely covered our bodies. It was a cold night, and I still wandered, "Why did it happened to me?"
     I still remembered all that Iglesos did to me this evening; he asked me to lie on a piece of matress, then slowly took off my covering and explored me just like a doctor toward his patient. Different from my prediction, he wasn't rough; his hands were gently running across my skin, but he didn't allow me to move or say anything.
     "Girl, you're going to be mine soon... I will choose only the best virgins to be my concubines, the rest will go to the lower soldiers to be their toys. I wish you will get ready for the next elimination..." that's what he said after he finished his 'biological examination'. Then he sent me out without a word and closed the door.
     Oh, I felt so shy... but on the other side, I began to feel the thirst of his touch. Iglesos might be a hated man, but he's the first who saw me inside and outside without a gross feeling toward this poor girl. Still, I did not feel special, I would get eliminated from his game, soon or later...

     The next day, the guard woke us up and tell us to gather at the main hall after some preparations.
     "His Majesty will arrive soon! Take a shower and eat your breakfast quickly! Go, go, go !!!"
     When I took my shower, there was a certain man who saw me from a distance, but he wasn't Iglesos. He wore a fine-made uniform similar to the soldiers, but with better shape and emblems. He was a tall, good-looking man, younger than the king. I wandered why he came here? But I already lost my shy feeling and let him stared at my body as long as he please. After I finished the bath and grabbed my clothes, the young man had gone...
     "Is he... the one who had found me on the street?"



10.12.08 (8:29 pm)   [edit]

There are three kinds of people; a dreamer, a dream-believer and a dream-killer

I’m just a sleeping baby, a mere dreamer...

A common, ordinary person who’s still imagining about success

Has nothing in hands but some talents, lots of hope and a couple of pride

Trying to reach the island of happiness with my own little boat

Alone, hardly sailing across the deep blue sea

Thru the malice storms of life and waves of acceptance and rejection

If you’re a dream-believer, you’re like a big, powerful ship full of imagination

You are able to know someone’s latent potential

Willing to take a risk and believe in other’s visions

Accept humble people like me and don’t just count the profits of your actions

You’re must be the one I’m looking for,

...and I’ll be thankful if you welcome me aboard...

But if you’re a dream-killer, you’re like a greedy, blood-thirsty pirate

Who’s only accept the advantage and don’t care of the rest

Money is all you’ve got and always wanted; you have much already, but still it doesn’t enough to satisfy your desire

Nothing less, only more and more, because your thirst is endless

You’re killing every dreamer with the sharp sword of heartless, cruel refusal

...and I hope that you’re not such a hopeless person

Who are you who’s reading my poem,

Are you a dreamer like me?

Let’s sail together hand-in-hand to reach the island together

Don’t you ever stop, the world is still waiting for you and me

Be strong and never regret the failure, just try and try again

Behind every pain is something wonderful to gain

Are you the dream-believer, a big ship of imagination?

Let us come aboard and be grateful for your chance and kindness

Spread your sails and let us grow with you

Slowly but sure the good seeds will turned into best crops

One day together we will be abundantly blessed

Or are you just a dream-killer, an infamous, rich but greedy pirate?

Just wait for your time to be shipwrecked on the abandoned island of nothingness

As there’s nothing lasts forever, including popularity, fame and wealth

Your domination at the sea will eventually come to an end

...it’s not a curse, just a fact of fate; as there are already lots of example

Honestly, answer me... who are you?

It’s your own decision to be anyone you like...


10.07.08 (10:09 pm)   [edit]


Forum of The Week #3: Offspring

Once again, I apologize for your waiting, and I want to say thanks for your patience. This week I want to share and know your opinion about ‘offspring’ or ‘descendant’. Or in simpler words, for parents to have their own children.

I want to share about the condition in my place. After discussing about ‘virginity’ and ‘marriage’, this topic is also a ‘hot’ one to talk about. A couple here is expected to have children after their marriage, and if I may say, as soon as possible. If in 2 years the wife doesn’t get pregnant, sometimes the society see the woman as a barren or sterile wife, can’t has a child. Even it might be not the wife’s condition (maybe her husband is the one), but many men decide to leave his ‘barren’ wife to marry another ‘productive’ / fertile woman. This is also a reason to divorce his wife or having a polygamy marriage.


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Hi all my friends at tblog. I deeply want to say I’m sorry because I haven’t post the 2nd part of Escape from the Erotica Palace and the weekly forum because some technical error on my Home PC. Now it’s still in service center (we had a long holiday during Idul Fitri / Muslim Holiday at the end of September until this week, so all the shops and offices were (and some are) having long day-offs. I’m now blogging at my office, but because the story that I wrote IS in my home PC, I’ll post another works. For those who applied a member on my Private Club, don’t worry, I’ll approve all of your request.

Once again, I’m so very sorry because of making you wait for the sequel. Please pray for me about the home PC to be fixed again soon so I can blog again at home! Thanks for reading and waiting...




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Here's a list of people's habits that I (and maybe you too) don't like.
No offense, just a thought... ( in random order)

1. Smoking : Anywhere and everywhere
2. Boring : Tedious and tiring
3. Headstrong or Egoistic : Hard to be melted
4. Conservative : Doesn't open to a new thing
5. Talkative : All that s/he says is about themselves!
6. Irresponsible : Did a mistake then run away
7. Dirty habits : Doesn't like to use the bathroom, no hand washing before meal, Etc.

Tell me yours and also sort the thing I've said in your own order!

IF YOU WANT TO REPLY THIS, please join us! Thanks!


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Escape from the Erotica Palace
Shichigatsu's Weekly Short Story

     Intro: My fourth weekly story takes place in the medieval era of an imaginary West Continent, where I started with Sophie's point-of-view, she's a young orphan who wandered on markets and streets before someone found her and took her to the palace in order to be a concubine of  the King Iglesios.
     Please don’t commercially reproduce it without permission from the author, aka me :)  For any other usage, T-mail or email me first at. As usual, please hide it from your under-age kids :) And as usual again, it’s fictional. Any similarity with names, places and events are purely coincidental. Enjoy!

Part 1 of 4

Euroteca (West Continent), 1417 A.D (Medieval Era)

     I lived in the center city of the Kingdom of Euroteca. My name's Sophie, and I had no family name. I was just a poor 17-year orphan girl who 'worked' at a local market. I didn't have any family nor home, I did everything I could to stay alive and fill my hungry stomach. Hardly, everyday I looked everywhere for any meal leftovers under the cafe tables or just a penny dropped by rich customers. I wore a very simple, dirty, torn dress that I found in the trash container behind a garment shop. I was nothing but an abandoned person in the society, close to a beggar, almost considered unworthy being in the ever busy world...

     I never attended a school, but I enjoyed reading every sheets of any used newspapers that I found on streets. I had my own wishes to be someone that's meaningful for others. At the age of seventeen, I was alone, without friends or lover. I needed no man, because I knew that I wasn't a pretty girl. Nothing attractive, for I had no money to buy better clothes or shoes. I rarely enjoyed hot bath or good food.
     Although I was poorly nourished, some of the market's customers looked at me with their sympathy... Especially men. They were looking at me with their deep, bold, naughty eyes. Some were kind to me; shared his food or just gave a piece of bread. I ate, and the giver usually wanted nothing in return.
     "Sophie, you're a kind girl... You can eat as much as you want if you come to my place..." some of the men offered me to visit him, but I often refused. I didn't want to have a moral debt to anyone, especially men...
     "Sophie, let me take you to a hairdressser, and let me buy some clothes. You're a beautiful woman, can't you see? You deserve better life than to wander in streets and markets."
     I knew, sometimes I went to see my own reflections on the clear river in front of the market; I looked at a face of brown-haired girl with sky-blue eyes; even that she's dirty, but she's not bad or ugly either. There was something special inside me. Men loved me...

     One day, I knew that Iglesos, our King would celebrate his birthday again. It was a public secret in the Kingdom of Euroteca always had to choose new concubines every year. He was a lustful man with a strong will. Every citizen, rich or poor, felt afraid if he travelled across the town on his royal carriage. They bowed down to the ground with respect... not because of his charisma, but more because of their fear. Iglesos might behead or execute any of the people he didn't like, included they who opposed his commands. And many of the parents who had beautiful daughters tried to hide their girls during this period, because they didn't want the king to take them away...

     I wasn't afraid of being chosen as his harem, that's because I was nothing but a poor-looking young woman, meaningless like the grey sand on the dirty beach. Many other ladies were better than me; fine, healthy and clean, so there was no reason for Iglesos the king to choose someone like me... "If they catch me, surely I'll be the last girl in the row!"
     But I was wrong...

     That day, I was wandering alone in the streets, looking for a piece of food when a woman suddenly came to me and said...
     "You're the thief! I saw you took my purse at the market yesterday! Ran away to enjoy my money... Naughty girl! Return that to me, you lil' slut!" she looked very angry and tried to grab my neck...
     I was very afraid... "No, Maam... I don't understand at all... You got the wrong person, I'm not a thief... I didn't do that... Really... Please release me."
     "Don't lie to me, you won't be able to escape... return that purse to me, or I'll put you behind bars!"
     She kept pulling me, I struggled, tried to save myself from the rough lady... but accidentaly, my old dress was torn.
     There, I was being humiliated, lying on the streets with torn clothes, everyone around me could saw my back and shoulders, also my peeking cleavage... I felt ashamed....
     The woman started to kick me with her shoes, hit me with a piece of long stick and yelled loudly, "THIEF! THIEF!" to make me even more humiliated. The crowd was watching us, but it seemed that they enjoyed the show... no one was going to help me. So I lied down, tried to protect my head with my bloody, bruised arms, and prepared to lose my consciousness...

     "STOP! Please let go the poor girl!"
     That loud male voice was the last thing I heard before I passed out, lying helplessly on the street with fresh blood all over my almost-bare body...

     "Where... am I?"
     "The king's chamber..." a voice replied.
     "Oh...." I tried to open my eyes... I was lying on a very comfy bed, half naked... only some dressings on my wound. The one beside me was an elderly woman, she treated me with care.
     "Please don't move, you've been injured, but the King said that you had to be treated here until you recovered."
     "What about the fierce woman who attacked me..." I remembered her, and I still felt so scared, as my body began to shake and tremble...
     "Don't worry My Child, she had been taken to the prison. The king didn't want an old lady like that.... Maybe Iglesos will execute her for her mistake; hitting a beautiful young lady..."

     The king... I wander why he did this to me. And who was the savior? I felt afraid; this was the place that I hated... I didn't like the king, I didn't want to end up here as his concubine...
     "You'll be safe here, the king had ordered his best attendant to take care of you. You'll be among the girls that he had been chose early this morning. You should be thankful,"


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Here's a NEW PRIVATE CLUB for you who enjoys my writings, where you can have a PREVIEW of my next story, chat, share me an idea, play games, listen or request for your favorite music, and so many more in the future! You can even promote your blog or start a forum! Anything that we write will not be listed in the search engines...

So, don't be shy! I'll be waiting for you!





(the link is also posted at the top of my links!)

Love and peace, Shichi


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FORUM of THE WEEK #2: Marriage

     Dear friends inside and outside tblog, after the poems and the short stories, I'll be glad to introduce to you a new FORUM of THE WEEK!

     We may discuss and talk about anything, anyone can join here to comment or reply to other people's comments!

     I'll start tonight with an interesting topic of the weekend: MARRIAGE


     In my country, marriage is 'a must' for ladies (almost in all native races and social backgrounds). A 'lonely' girl who has no boyfriends of fiance will be considered as an 'old virgin', the same as the working singles and also career women ...

     In villages, when a girl had reached the age of 15 or more, the family usually tried to get their daughter a decent husband (Read: rich, wealthy and of a higher standard). Maybe you have heard the term 'matchmaking'. It's just almost similar to that, even without love.

    In the bigger cities, the working singles face the same problem. Most of their everyday mates ask, "When will you get married? Why took you so long? What are you waiting for?"

     This is the BIG question: "SHOULD A WOMAN GET MARRIED?" and why?


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Passion of the Outer Space
Shichigatsu’s Weekly Short Story

Part 4 of 4
     LaLaFi was right. Deeper in the heart of the forest behind The Sanctuary, there was a big waterfall between two hills. The sky up above was a breathtaking scenery; a luminous full-moon with thousands of twinkling stars.
     “I had another surprise for you!” LaLaFi released Ryuki’s hands and walked forward. Suddenly, she flew to the sky, like a fairy...  She had a pair of wings!
     “LaLaFi, how did you grow the wings?” Ryuki still look amazed.
     “Most female Glizean may grow a pair of wings after their first mating... of course with the same race. If I could grow these wings, that means your race is compatible with us, even we’re aliens from different planets...”
    “That’s good...” Ryuki smiled. “It means I’m here not by coincidence,”
     “We’ve been destined to do this, now, let me take you up above...”
     LaLaFi grabbed Ryuki’s hands and took him high to the sky...

     But as their courtship began and ended, LaLaFi suddenly put her finger on Ryuki’s lips... “Sshh... I forgot to tell you something... Ryuki, after having a second baby, A Glizean woman usually changed their shape...” she turned sad, and didn’t eager to continue their lovemaking...
    “What do you mean, LaLaFi? I don’t understand at all...”
     LaLaFi slowly flew down to the surface again and let Ryuki saw her from a distance, as she wanted to show him something, “You won’t love me anymore after I gave birth to our second baby... Soon, I’ll turned to be old and ugly...”
     “I don’t believe that... all Glizean ladies that I saw were beautiful.....”
     “That’s because there was no male before you... I’m the first bride after several years of our loneliness,” LaLaFi chuckled.
     “Look... our baby soon will be born....” she raised her hands to the sky, then suddenly a ray of very bright light shined down as there’s a star moved closer to Glize...
     For a while, Ryuki couldn’t see anything, the light had momentarily blinded his eyes... but later he could open them again and saw that the light had gone... LaLaFi stood there with a baby in her arms... Wonderful...
    “Here is our second baby... a second son!” LaLaFi looked very happy.
     But the moment suddenly got ruined.... something, or someone, interrupted the sweet scene with a sudden move from behind LaLaFi...
     “Here you are LaLaFi! You should be my bride! Why are you here?” another Morzean! LaLaFi got shocked, so did Ryuki. But they couldn’t do anything... Ryuki ran toward the lady, but the giant Morzean grabbed her waist and carried her light body on his shoulder... “I’ll take the Glizean Princess with me...”
     “NOOO !!!”
     “Ryuki, hurry... catch!” before the Morzean realized, LaLaFi had thrown the baby toward Ryuki.... and he managed to safely catch him....
     “LaLaFi... I’ll come to rescue you!”
     “Hahahaha... Just try it, Earthling... I don’t need a weak baby, anyway.. let’s go back to The Lair and have the wedding!” the Morzean jumped like a giant monkey and disappeared in the dark forest with LaLaFi...

    “Oh....LaLaFi, are you going to be alright? Is that true that you’re getting older after brought this baby to life?” Ryuki realized that he began to worry... With the baby in his hands, he came back to The Sanctuary while thinking of a plan to save LaLaFi and their first son...
   “Yeah... the Time Machine! I have to bring our son to the place! This is it! Then both of us will go to rescue LaLaFi...”

     The Lair was a huge, complex building at the center of Glize City, looked like a sphere from afar. It was a prison for females, where they had been kept like pets to the Morzean; some of them had been married with Morzeans, against their will...

     They had been treated badly, like prisoners; some are forced to be sexual slaves for the lustful ape-like creatures... they could not escape.

     LaLaFi was brought there and being prepared to be The Leader’s bride; her leafy dress was stripped and a piece of white, almost transparent dress was given to her. She was scared, but as she remembered Ryuki and their second son,  she tried to be calm and hoped that her new family would come as soon as possible...
     The Morzeans looked at LaLaFi again and again, some of them tried to touch the girl, but The Leader was angry and told his men to stay away from her.
     “She’s mine! And today she will be my bride... and I’ll become the new king of Glize!” he looked at LaLaFi who had been tied tightly to a very big pillar in the middle of The Lair. Then he came, touched some of her sensitive parts, and laughed as LaLaFi blushed in her shame... She couldn’t do anything for her arms were chained...
     “You’re mine... and we’ll be happy together forever!”
     “NO !!!” LaLaFi spitted the creature at his ugly face.
    “What.... you dare to do such thing? You filthy little slut!” The Leader became angry... but his basic instinct had greatly aroused because of that. He came closer and forced to tear LaLaFi’s dress... but something happened after the dress dropped.
     “Oh... NO NO....” he stopped,  and moved away from the nude LaLaFi...
     “Yes... I’m an ugly old woman... and I already had two sons...Now do you still want to marry me?” LaLaFi wasn’t a slim, slender and pretty fairy as she used to be. She had gradually changed, older and older, in front of The Leader... She had been changed to a 70-year old lady with long gray hair and wrinkled skin!
     “Release my mother and my brother, you Little Creature !!!”
    That loud and clear male voice echoed in The Lair.... The Leader instantly looked up and amazed, couldn’t believe his eyes....
     A giant bird, looked like an eagle, was there, flying above his head... speaking like a man, with Ryuki riding on his back! Its size was much bigger than 10 Morzeans!
     “That’s ...My second son!” LaLaFi cheered with her old weak voice....
     Ryuki came down as the giant bird landed and came to his wife...
     “LaLaFi... are you alright? Why..... “ Ryuki covered his wife’s body and carried her gently.
     “I’m fine, I’ll survive...”

     “It can’t be happened! Hurry, kill the giant bird!”
     The Leader commanded his army to attack the bird... but he was more clever than the ape-like aliens... After carrying his family on is back, the bird flew to the sky through the opened top of The Lair and put them in a safe place....
     “Father and Mother, let me save my brother and banish the Morzeans!”
     “Yeah... be careful, Son!” Ryuki waved his hand as the bird flew again to raid the Morzeans below...
     “Who’s his name?” LaLaFi asked.
     “TruFaGa... like your lost boyfriend... I don’t have any better name for him... hahaha...”

     TruFaGa was flying alone in the red Glize sky and fought bravely against the attacking Morzeans. He was too fast and too strong for them to beat...  No one could handle the raging giant bird, even with weapons and high-tech armory. With his huge claws and powerful beak, he killed and injured lots of the ape-like troopers and forced The Leader to give up.
    “Please bring back my older brother and leave this planet at once!”
    “Yes....do anything you wish, but please don’t kill us! Let us live!”

    The Morzeans had been forced to return to their planet after the great loss. The Lair was destroyed after rescuing all the prisoners,  included the first son of LaLafi. His second son, TruFaGa, who had been changed shape to a giant bird after Ryuki put him in the Time Machine, had changed back to human-Glizean form. Ryuki still didn’t know why the second son could changed like that, but LaLaFi gave him an explanation,
    “Once in a hundred year, the second son of a princess of Glize will changed his shape to an ancient animal who resembles the mythical gods of Glize... But he could change to human form again according to his will,”
   “Then, TruFaGa is a lucky guy indeed! What about you, LaLaFi? Do you want to be young again?”
     “For you, I’d love to enter the Time Machine and to be young again...”

     LaLaFi was put in the Time Machine and she returned to her normal age again. Now the new family could be together again... TruFaGa was a charming young men, stood beside his father and carried his baby older brother... Ryuki was proud as they announced the freedom to the Glize females... They were cheering and had a big party in order to celebrate the victory...
     “Hey, we have to give you a special reward, dear Ryuki... you’re the true savior of Glizeans... Everything you asked will be fulfilled.”
     “Hmmm... I just want to get your permission,  LaLaFi... to bring the Earthlings to this planet and start a brand new world together with the Glizean!”
     “Is there any... cute males?”
     “Of course... but you’re mine now, you may not fall in love with other Earthlings...”
     “Hahaha.. I won’t leave you... Bring them here and please settle down in any of the best places in Glize!”

     Ryuki came back to NOVUS and reported all the events to Mr. Okinawa. He was about to get angry for Ryuki’s carelessness, but after hearing his young crew’s report, he almost couldn’t believe his ears....
     “WHAT? You had been married with a fairy-like alien... this fast.... and had two children???” then, he added with a naughty tone, “...Is she cute? Does she has any single girl friends that I could ... date?”
    “Yeah.... lots of girls, sexy girls with leaf and flower dress...”
     Hana added with a kinky girly voice, “...Is there any cute young male alien for me?”
     “My son, TruFaGa.... oops, for now, there’s only one grown-up male, but you just can’t take his heart! Come on... you’re an old lady!”
     “Oh Ryuki... Can’t I be your daughter-in-law? Age doesn't matter, is that it? ”

     The human beings had been transferred to Glize and lived happily ever after... They wed the Glizeans, settled down in peace with the lovely aliens and enjoyed heaven, together forever...


Next story: Escape from the Erotica Palace


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Passion of the Outer Space
Shichigatsu’s Weekly Short Story


Part 3 of 4

     Ryuki and LaLaFi didn’t come back to NOVUS. After dusk, they were standing on the altar of The Sanctuary, where lots of surviving female Glizean hid. The same as LaLaFi, they were pretty women, also looked younger than female human... All were dressed in leaves and flower petals.
     That’s a very beautiful hiding place located deep down a secret hill, with a lot of colorful flowers and butterflies. As the lamps, thousands of twinkling fireflies flew slowly in the open sky. A female priest stood in front of the audience, religiously blessed the bride and the bridegroom as it was held in Earth’s churches. After the marriage ritual had completed, hundreds of Glizean cheered and showered the new couple with ‘stardusts’, a golden dust with shining powder like stars. Ryuki felt shy, but somehow he knew that he began to be attracted to LaLaFi more than any women he had met before.
     “Is this love?  I don’t know... but I’ll do the best to protect her, to please her...”
     LaLaFi was also happy, she knew that her dreams had come true.
     That night, stars were shining brightly than ever, as they were hanging on the trees outside The Sanctuary. LaLaFi was in Ryuki’s arms once again, but this time she showed her true self... she was like an angel, alluring and tempting all the basic instincts inside Ryuki. The young man couldn’t hide or hold his passion any longer. Slowly, he took off the dress of leaves and lied LaLafi, his lovely alien bride, on the bed of roses... real rose petals; fresh, soft, very fragrant and colorful. There was nothing could disturb their courtship...
     (Glizean Milk? Ryuki had tasted it too, as much as he wanted.)

     Later at dawn, when Ryuki woke up beside his bride, she had carried a baby...
     “Who is this?’ he surprised. “Is the charming baby your friend’s son?”
     “He’s our son...” LaLaFi handed over the baby to Ryuki’s hands.
     “WHATTT?” so soon... Ryuki wandered again and again in confusion, “Is she already pregnant before...?” But soon he realized; it was not Earth... and LaLaFi wasn’t a human after all.
     “This is normal in Glize; commonly, we had babies directly after mating... No pregnancy or pain, they were born so easily...” LaLaFi chuckled, didn’t explain the way, “You’re a happy dad, we’re now parents of a healthy hero-to-be!”
     “Oh, NO... do I have to use condoms everyday?” Ryuki smiled and shook his head while thinking about this strange matter. But on the other side, he felt his love to LaLaFi grew stronger than ever, also to the baby boy he carried. It was a wonderful experience. “Son, you’re going to be a hero!” he whispered.
     LaLaFi laughed. “Do you want to hold him forever? Let’s go, we’ll put him in the Time Machine... Shall we?”

     Ryuki and LaLaFi brought their son to a place in The Sanctuary, a device called Time Machine. Many Glizean brought their family member or pet animals to grow faster or return them to be young again. It looked a simple big elevator box with double automatic doors, where people put their loved ones in, close the door, then within a few minutes the devices working without any sound or pain. The result? Anything that they had wished simply fulfilled like magic! The objects got out with brand new look and life!
     “Wonderful... a real time machine!”  Ryuki knew that their technology was already beyond Earthlings’. “But is this thing could bring back the deceased to life again?”
     “No, we haven’t achieved that kind of technology yet. If we had it, then we could bring the dead males back to life again...” LaLaFi suddenly felt sad. But she quickly recovered, “Let’s go... we have to put our son inside.”

     The doors were opened slowly before their eyes. But, at the moment LaLaFi held their child to lay him on the inside part of the Time Machine, a very big, hairy hand took him away with a quick move!
     “HEY... Who are you?” LaLaFi looked shocked and cried, while Ryuki instantly grab her from doing careless move toward the intruder. “My baby! Please... return my baby!”
     “HAHAHAHAHA... you won’t be able to have him! We knew your plan, Princess... and we won’t let it  happen! HAHAHA!” the intruder spoke with a rough loud voice, just like a wild animal’s roar. A Morzean!
     “NOOO !!!” LaLaFi looked at the eyes of the big ape-like alien with tears and anger. Ryuki couldn’t do anything because he had no weapon. All that he could do was protecting his wife.
     “If you want your baby back, come to The Lair and marry The Leader!” the Morzean carried the baby with his right hand, then jumped away through an open window.

     “Nooo... they had kidnapped my son, our baby... It was my carelessness...  I was too sure that The Sanctuary’s the safest place in Glize.”
     “LaLaFi... hush, don’t cry... It’s gonna be alright. They won’t hurt him. We will find a way to get him back!” Ryuki tried to cheer up his pale alien wife.
     They were back home with deep sorrow, along with some female Glizean who guarded her from next possible raid. They didn’t have any powerful weapons, for they were peace-lover aliens. That day, all The Sanctuary’s people were increasing their protection; closed every door and windows and did whatever they could to prevent the Morzean invasion.
     “What about making a new baby?” Ryuki grinned while held his wife’s hands. “We can do that, now...”
     “But the second child might be not as strong as the first... and there’s a possibility that we’ll have a daughter...” LaLaFi still looked sad and worried.
     “But we have to try, whatever the result will be... please, we’re still in our honeymoon.”
     “Honeymoon?” LaLaFi seemed didn’t understand.
     “You don’t know about ‘honeymoon’? How to explain that.... see, a vacation period of two newlyweds right after the wedding... to make love! To have more baby!”
    “Hah... oh yeah, I just remember! tonight, the moon over Glize will be at its full, the most beautiful view, a must-see! Let’s go somewhere safe deeper in the forest! I’ll show you the paradise!”  LaLaFi looked happy again...


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Passion of the Outer Space
Shichigatsu’s Weekly Short Story

Part 2 of 4
     “Thanks for saving me, Young Man!” the girl finally talked to Ryuki after the giant ape-like creatures had gone deeper in the forest. “They were looking for me because I had escaped from The Lair...”
     “The Lair? What do you mean? Oh.. by the way, you can call me Ryuki,”
     “Oh, hi Ryuki... my name’s LaLaFi.” the alien girl introduced herself. LaLaFi looked happy. “You’re a male, right?”
     “Yeah... why did you ask?” can’t you see that I have no boobies? - he added in his mind.
     “You’re resembling us, the real Glizean.. The extinct male population! See that band of that men that searched for me? They’re not the real Glizean! They came from the neighboring planet: The Morze. We called them ‘Morzean’.”
     Then, LaLaFi told a story about what had happened a few years ago in Glize.
     The real Glizean men were just a few in numbers, while the female population had grown rapidly from births.  After hearing this news, the Morzean (who had very few females) came to Glize in order to marry the Glizean women in order to have more (and better) offsprings.
     As their invasion became intense, the females were afraid and hid in the caves, between hills and other safe places. The Morzean were angry and fiercely slaughtered all of the existing male Glizean. As the result, there was no more men on the planet... only a few surviving females taken as prisoner to a place called ‘The Lair’, where soon or later they were forced to be ‘a bride’ in order to prepare offspring to the fierce and lustful Morzean.
     “I was being prepared to marry a very big and strong Morzean called ‘The Leader’. He’s a bad guy, I don’t like him at all... and I don’t want to end up in The Lair as a wife of our hated enemy. I wish there were any strong males who can help us to fight the Morzean and push them back to return to their planet!” LaLaFi looked so afraid and angry, then looked at Ryuki’s eyes again, deeply as she needed his sympathy and trust.
     “Why do you look at me like this?” Ryuki felt uneasy, but his heart also throbbing.
     “Because you look just like my Glizean boyfriend! My lost boyfriend called TruFaGa!”
     “But... I’m an Earthling...” Ryuki felt as LaLafi would kiss him... he was very nervous and lost his mind. But strangely, he wished that the girl didn’t leave his side, as he wanted to protect her from the Morzean with everything he could do!
     “How did you managed to escape from The Lair?”
     “Easy... not all the females dare to do the thing that I did...” LaLaFi chuckled. “I had seduced a male guardian... offered him the famous ‘Glizean Milk’ and let him drink as much as he could until he fell fast asleep! Then I left with his keys...”
     “M... Milk? Like a ...mother’s milk?” Ryuki was not understand, looked at LaLaFi’s leaf-covered ‘bikini’. Wow, a perky pair of boobs – he smiled, hoped that LaLaFi couldn’t read his naughty thinking, “She’s still a teenager. How could she produces milk before having a child?” his cheeks blushed, “Impossible!”
     “We’re might be not like Earthlings... at early adulthood, we already produces milk... even as virgins...”
    “W.... WHATT?” Ryuki felt shy again as his young man’s scientist’s instinct tried to catch the logical explanation for this trivial matter.
    “Do you want my milk? If you’re thirsty, you may taste it. It’s more refreshing than water... Creamy. Delicious. Full of nutrients. You’ll like it... Believe me.”
    “Ehhh... no no no, thanks a lot...” Ryuki tried hardly not to imagine that event. “Let’s go back to the plane to discuss this problem with Mr. Okinawa. He will help us!”
    “A friend? Another Earthling male?” LaLaFi seemed curious.
    “Yeah, but older... You might like a single middle-aged man...” Ryuki grinned.
     “But I do like you...” LaLaFi once again held Ryuki’s arm. “Let’s go... hurry up, we have to save the planet!”
     “Oh no...” Ryuki was never felt this way... “LaLaFi, what did she really want from me?”

     On the way back to NOVUS, Ryuki and LaLaFi had another conversation.
     “Mr. Ryuki, there’s only one way to stop the Morzeans!”
     “What’s that?”
     “Ehm... You just have to ...marry me... Will you take me as your wife?”
     “W... WHATT? But... we just had known each other for a very short time, LaLaFi! One day or less... You see... It’s a little bit... too soon! We have to known each other more better before taking any further step!” Ryuki grinned in his surprise, couldn’t believe his ears!
     “You haven’t know who I really am. I’m the princess of Glize Kingdom. If I marry you then I can produce male offsprings for the Glizean... and they will be able to fight against Morzeans!”
     “But... it would take twenty years or more to grow the kids!” Ryuki seemed confused, as LaLaFi talk about the marriage thing so easily... (also the idea of having kids!). Ryuki never had a thought about having a girlfriend, but now? A beautiful alien girl had proposed him, waiting for his answer. The Princess of Glize! No wander why she’s so gorgeous!
     “In Glize, time could be arranged to move forward while we ourselves won’t grow older. Then, what’s your answer?”
     “LaLaFi,... Do you ...love me?”
     “I do love you... Ryuki, I know it sounds too instant, but we need no waiting and dating! I’ll take you right now to The Sanctuary! We will ask the chief priest to bless our marriage, then... you may do to me anything as you wish...”


09.21.08 (9:17 am)   [edit]
Passion of the Outer Space
Shichigatsu’s Weekly Short Story

     Intro: My third weekly story takes place in the distant future, where Earth was no more exist and a young scientist called Ryuki was sent on a space mission to find a new planet. He never knew what happened after his arrival on a planet called Glize, where only few ‘alien’ girls existed while the habitat was also at the beginning of extinction.
     Please don’t commercially reproduce it without permission from the author, aka me :)  For any other usage, T-mail or email me first at. As usual, please hide it from your under-age kids :) And as usual again, it’s fictional. Any similarity with names, places and events are purely coincidental. Enjoy!

Part 1 of 4

     The Future, 2212 A.D.
     Along with the rapid inventions and showers of high technology, post-modern humans had done terrible dooms to the Earth; uncontrollable nature pollutions and destructions to the environment. In the sky, there was no ozone layer anymore. No more natural resources or green forests. Some nations were vanished along with the islands and continents. The planet wasn’t a proper place again to be living in, thus all surviving living beings had to move to outer space in order to maintain the continuity of the life circle.
     After the preparation on Mars complete (one of the closest planet to Earth), the surviving colonies left the Earth with lots of huge space shuttles to the temporary shelters that had been artificially designed to resemble the Earth’s surface. But the red planet wasn’t a place that naturally supports living creatures with water and oxygen. Thus, the best researchers had to go to the unexplored sides of the universe seeking for another paradise. A mission was obliged to a team of genius young scientists and experienced spacemen. They had been chosen from all the existing nations, including Japan.
     Ryuki Hazaki was among the crews of the space shuttle called ”NOVUS”. He was the youngest, but no one could compare his bravery and ability to learn something new. Ryuki had lost all of his family during a failure of biological experiment at the college where his parents worked as scientists. The laboratory was exploded without any reason, killed the workers and also his family. Ryuki was very sad, but soon he able to be recovered and eagerly continued the path his parents had taken. He had been graduated with ‘cum laude’ at his previous colleges until he gained the Doctor degree at the age of 20. A genius. An almost perfect kid.
     But Ryuki didn’t have a time for leisure and other social activities. His vast knowledge about human nature and psychology weren’t making him an outgoing or extrovert person. Although he was quite good-looking and had innocent appearance, his introvert nature made him often spent time in his rooms for hours; studying on the computer or reading his thick books. Ryuki never had a date with a girl or even hang out at the lounge! Most of his college mates called him ’nerd’ or ‘freak’. But the ‘quite cute nerdy’ seemed didn’t care at all!

     After a couple days of flight from Mars at the speed of light, NOVUS had landed on a planet called Glize. It had a friendly layer of atmosphere. The planet’s surface from afar was blue and green, looked just like Earth. The space crew had prepared oxygen masker and spacesuit to wear on their exploration on the Glize’s surface, but Ryuki refused to wear them.
    “According to my analysis, the planet is quite safe, with plenty of oxygen and a normal gravity equal to Earth’s! Let me be the one to land,”
    “But Ryuki, it was too dangerous to go out without proper preparation. Please let us go with you!” his captain, 40-year old Mr. Okinawa, offered help. Ryuki agreed. Then, after a safe landing on the surface, three of NOVUS crews, two men and a lady, were standing on the opened door. They were so impatient... what did they find?
     “WOW... I could breathe! Yes... it’s so invigorating here. Fresh air... light, pure and clean. Lots of life and energy. Cool! Is this... Heaven?”
     Ryuki walked on the front of his mates, went down on the lush green grass on the hill. Glize was like a virgin Earth. The sky was light blue and crystal clear, with the shining sun and white clouds. There were fragrant, colorful flowers of strange kinds and a small river with rapid waterfalls. It was beautiful, no other words to describe it.
     “YESSS! That’s great!” all the crews cheered in their relieves and joy of success. Captain Okinawa and a 30-year lady named Hana looked so happy. Their dream of finding a new Earth had come true.
     “But... wait a second, isn’t it strange, guys? Don’t you notice there are NO living beings except plants? No animals... no humans at all!” Ryuki began to smell the odds.
     “Yeah, you’re absolutely right, Youngster... We have to find what had happened to the creature... I’m sure this environment supports living organism. Might be the ‘human’ live somewhere else. Maybe they had built a city or villages nearby?  Let’s split up! We will meet again here before dusk! Don’t go too far, okay? And still... be careful!” Mr. Okinawa looked enthusiast, but not as curious as the young Ryuki.

     Ryuki wandered alone with his digital camera and satellite cellular phone, didn’t bring any oxygen masks or anything like that. He was sure that all that he needed is himself. As he walked further and further from NOVUS, he had forgotten that it wasn’t Earth... The gravitation was almost as the same rate as Earth, even his body felt lighter and weightless, as he could easily jump up and fly to the sky.
     But suddenly he stopped walking. A voice from the distance had attracted his attention. He hid himself behind a big tree. He was never meet live aliens or space creatures, although he had studied much about them in ‘Area 51’ in USA. But he never thought of meeting one so soon! Ryuki wasn’t bring any weapons either... so all that he could do was hiding... and waiting while preparing his camera, it might be a good moment to take some ‘alien’ pictures!
     “Save me! Ohhh... someone, save me!” it’s a woman’s voice. Ryuki wandered, “Is that Hana? No... the sound’s different. It’s a young lady’s...” And he added, “She spoke a language very similar to international Earthlings’ dialect, clearly I understand the sentence without translation...”
     “Help...” he was almost scream in surprise when a soft hand touched and hugged his from behind.
     “Who... who are you, young man?” the one who came to him talked as he stared to the ‘alien’. It’s really a ‘she’, a female.
     “Hey... You’re not from this planet!” the ‘alien’ whispered, their eyes met at a point. Ryuki didn’t know her, but felt no strange feeling. She was a human... a normal human just like on the Earth surface. Even more beautiful... almost like a warrior woman on the latest digital fantasy game on Earth. She wore a bikini of fresh green leaves, like the ones from fairy tales. Her hair was long, blond and curly. Very pretty indeed!
     “Sshh.. Girl, you’re in danger! Come here and hide with me!” Ryuki tried to communicate with the lady. Surprisingly, she understood it well. Both of them hid behind the tree, inside the bushes. Ryuki could felt the lady’s skin; smooth like candle, and she seemed didn’t care at all when Ryuki accidentaly touched her hair. Thick and silky, as soft as Earth’s finest silk...
     Not too long after that, a band of other aliens had come... It was the ones who ran after the young lady. Ryuki held his breath. “Are they the male? But... they’re very different from this young female!”
     They were huge and rough, resembling a giant ape with thick hair all over their muscular bodies. Not as gentle as the ‘female fairy’ beside Ryuki! The males held weapons just like in Earth’s science fiction; light guns and beam sabers. Ryuki knew that he had to wait until the danger’s gone before he could escape with the female alien!
    Waiting for a couple minutes felt like hours and more for Ryuki, he thanked God that he had a company beside him, the pretty girl who grabbed his arms as they were lovers!